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Another Inception style trailer remix!

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Here’s a clever trailer recut featuring Dumb & Dumber in an Inception style suspenseful trailer. Enjoy! Watch it here or click through to YouTube and watch it in full 720p HD!

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michaeljacksonMichael Jackson is dead. The undisputed “King of Pop” died just minutes ago at the UCLA medical center after being rushed there earlier today under cardiac arrest.

His name and music will live on in history as he inevitably will go down as one of the greatest musicians of all time.

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Obama's New DogThe Obamas now have a dog living in the White House. His name is “Bo” and he’s a 6-month old Portuguese water dog. I’m not really too interested in the dog itself but I am interested in hearing about if it chews any antique woodwork in the White House. Additionally I kind of have to wonder how the dog feels. It’s funny because the thing has no clue what house he’s living in.

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Susan Boyle, a 47 year old charity worker from a small village in Scotland has shocked the world with a brilliantly unexpected performance on the hit show “Britain’s Got Talent”. Click here to watch the video of her performance that has now been seen by millions of people worldwide.

Perhaps the most impressive part of this performance was the expression on Simon Cowell’s face. The usually cynical judge was awestruck. It’s one thing for the world to be impressed. It’s another altogether for Simon Cowell to react the way he did. Clearly Ms. Boyle left a very good first impression on him.



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